About Me

About Me,

My name is Dalbir and I am from India, I am over here in Australia for my education. Currently I am enrolled in masters of education course and studying E-learning and Positive Education. I am a professional social worker back home and was working with corporate social responsibility (CSR),  have done masters of social work, graduated in Psychology and sociology. I have worked with few NGOs back home for couple of years not much. Never got any formal education of computers but have learned a lot by myself, mostly while trying playing games.

The main motive behind taking this unit is to explore other means of gaining formal education, as an social worker my challenges are bit different because most of my target audience is which have never got any formal education and even previous generations never got any kind of formal education. I want to reach to all the children’s without taking them out of their respective locations and only by use of Morden day communication systems we can achieve such goals.


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